Found Treasures – How to Wear Your Thrift Store Clothes


Thrifting is a great pastime of mine. It is especially fulfilling when I have a 50% off coupon or some form of a discount. I have gotten many worn- once or never worn treasures from the second hand stores. I learned about the whole idea of thrift-ing when I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. Actually, two men took my friend and I out on a Sunday thrifting haul. They drove us all over the city and we spent maybe $30 the whole day for some great stuff. The men were graffiti artists who were very eclectic, but not in a cookie-cutter type of way. They just were not into paying a lot for clothes. I have been doing it ever since.

A lot of people can’t get with wearing used clothes and I understand, but to each his own. I think it is a wonderful challenge and if I was money-rich, I would still not waste cash buying expensive threads. It is just not necessary for me to have a $900 pair of stockings or a $5000 dress. Not ever going to happen for me. I am not even into spending large amounts of cash for wedding attire. As I say in my poetry, “I can walk down the aisle in a $3 dress.”  I’m just that type of girl.

So this is a green dress I got for $2.35 at Value World. Well, it was 50% off that price because I had  a coupon. The fabric feels great and it looked like it had been slightly worn. I washed and ironed it, which I think may have caused it to change shape a bit. I have to be more careful with that. The sandals are by Chinese Laundry.

I really love to pair earth-toned dresses with this style of sandal. I once found some at Kohl’s. I also think animal-skin printed sandals look great with solid colored clothing. Something like this…

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Queen Duafe for African Essence

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Living in the Midwest – Spring Queens


I live in Midwestern United States where the weather can swing drastically, hitting above 100 in the summer and below zero in the winter. The Springs are cold and warm, and hot, and cold again! It’s nothing to fear, you just have to be prepared and accept the reality of varying temperatures.

Living in the Midwest allows me to get super cReaTiVe with my wardrobe. I can be laid back, conservative, athletic, but most of all JAZZY! My attire is most often referred to as Jazzy. People ask, “where did you get that?” If I can remember, I tell them, but I shop all over. Mostly in thrift stores and specialty-clothing boutiques. I do not discriminate! Anywhere I go from, TJMaxx to Steinmart, I can always find the most “jazzy-ethnic” attire they carry. That’s my thing, that’s my style. My favorite stores are thrift stores, but like I said, I go all over.

I love being able to create my own style!

Many people enjoy living in the Midwest, although it can be depressing sometimes! Nine months of cold weather can have you visiting a psychoanalyst! No need to complain, just get with the program. When its cold, love it, when it’s hot love it even more! Our seasons seem to be all over the place and are highly unpredictable at the present time.
So I keep my closet fully equipped with all types of light and heavy clothing. Every morning I put my foot out the door to see what the weather feels like and I go from there…

THE STYLE… The shirt I am wearing above is one of my favorite pieces. It is a very light fabric and I normally wear a camisole underneath it. I got it from an African Boutique years ago named SeneAfrique, $25. It closed down. The shirt has gold accents so I wore gold jewelry to match. It’s a gold cuff bracelet which you can get from anywhere these days. The necklace is a beaded brown and gold layered style and I have no idea where I got it (maybe Dillard’s on clearance years ago?). The earrings are a costume-like gold from Glitter (in malls), $1. The jeans are from Charlotte Russe, $10. I like flare jeans. The shoes are from Aldo, $95. They are leather inside and out, that is why they are pricier. They are called the Fornili shoe and date back at least two years. I won’t spend that much anymore, but there was something about these shoes that made them awesome. I like them a lot and they don’t hurt. Of course I wouldn’t do crazy amounts of walking in them either.


Peace and love,

Queen Duafe for African Essence

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