The Healer


He called out to her from a distance and she pretended not to hear him.
Not because she didn’t like the sound of his voice,
but because she did not want him to look into her tear-filled eyes.
He caught her, pulled her towards him and asked her to accept his presence.
She lifted her head to see, the face of the Sun.
The time had come.  She smiled.  For the rest of the day.

I asked the elders if I could speak freely, and they said, absolutely.
I earned the right to tell my story, for without the element of truth,
it would all be in vain.  The generations to follow will hear the sound of
my voice, resounding… cause I need these niggas to turn into gods

Asante sana, nakupenda, la la salama…

Shila Iris


Men despise what they do not understand…


… and so do women.

Do not sit and frown at her
your belief system
is not
to her.
Do not assume
she is something that she is not,
your way of living makes her feel,
Would you rather she die?
did you ask her if she was happy,
are you more concerned with converting her,
into you?

Play chess with a king, do you see? I am in the front seat, isn't that how it is supposed to be?

Play chess with a king, do you see? I am in the front seat, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? You should find some balance, so that we can drink, and rise to your occasion, he only rises to my persuasion. I am not hunting him down, because he comes. This is, Us. And it can be you too, but you gotta stop fighting the Truth. I am not a mistress, I’m a Queen. Phenomenal. I am shedding those things that gave me insomnia. I am reborn. Cause life is about living, and not hiding. Life is about smiling, and striving, to find, your magic.

You condemn on hearsay evidence alone, your sins increase. -Nubian Proverb

Your eurocentric perspectives gave birth to chaos. People of Afrikan descent adopted these beliefs because they were forced to. Generations later, they hate themselves because you told them to hate themselves, and you killed those who didn’t subscribe to the extermination of nubian-kush greatness. Nonetheless, I do not hate myself. I embrace the ALL, even you. But do not tell me, that my spirit should be like yours, because you are asking me to believe in you as my God, and not me. How disrespectful. I admire all faces, but I do not praise you over me. Do you praise me over you? I would hope, that you believed in yourself. So…

Eurocentrism is a geographical fiction that flattens the cultural diversity of even Europe itself. Stop imposing your beliefs on people. Your system dumbs me down- straight jacket style. Today, I’m not having it.

We strive for different things, you and I, but I am not offended. I respect all that you are, and I hope that you are happy, being exactly who God made you- nothing altered, nothing false. Be true. Your lips. Your smile. Your color. Your lisp. Love it. Stop changing you (and pull up your damn pants!).

This is some Afrikan proverb for you, because, I love you. 

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned,

Shila Iris

Shila Iris

Stop looking at me sideways and embrace who I am. I made a decision to be this way. I live this way. I am fully committed to the truth. Not some lie, that I have to validate. You can love me. I love you already.

Style Ideas for Queens – Transitioning from 80 Degree to 60 Degree Weather


It is September 11 in Cleveland, Ohio. That means it could snow any minute! Joking, but it was one of those days that reminded us that Autumn is a few weeks away. Yesterday, the weather was in the 80s. Last night there was a very soothing storm, and when we woke up, it was 63 degrees! It is cool… cool as in cold! I wasn’t quite ready to give up my sandals, so I wore some today. However, that may not be the case tomorrow! I am thinking, boots or sneakers for sure.

The sandals are one of my favorite pairs by Lucky Brand. They were about $25 at TJMaxx.

With style, you must possess the knowledge, right? Reading anything lately? I had a dream last night about my future, and when I woke up, I asked for a sign. A sign that I was doing the right thing in life. That detaching from people who hurt me was the thing to do. Then today, a friend of mine called and suggested that I read this book, so I rushed to the library and got it. It is just what I needed. It is an amazing story. I can’t put it down. I introduce to you:  Wounded in the House of a Friend by Sonia Sanchez…


It starts like this…

the unspoken word is born, i see it in our eyes dancing.

She hadn’t found anything. i had been careful. No lipstick, No matches from a well-known bar. No letters. Cards. Confessing an undying love. Nothing tangible for her to hold onto. But i knew she knew. It had been on her face, in her eyes for the last nine days. It was the way she looked at me sideways from across the restaurant table as she picked at her brown rice sushi. It was the way she paused in profile while inspecting my wolfdreams. It was the way her mouth took a detour from talk. And then as we exited the restaurant she said it casually: i know there is another woman. You must tell me about her when we get home.

Yeah. There was another woman. In fact there were three women. In Florida, California, and North Carolina. Places to replace her cool detachment of these last years. No sex for months. Always tired or sick or off to some conference designed to save the world from racism or extinction. If i had jerked off one more time in bed while lying next to her it woulda dropped off. Still i wondered how she knew.

… I love Sonia Sanchez’s writing and I am glad that I got to see her in November of last year. She was cool as can be. She had style, she had grace. I made eye contact with her, and she smiled at me. Just for a moment. I spoke to her. She spoke to me. I walked away.


P.S. One more thing, a song for you…

This my baby. I want to be great as you. Analog girl in a digital world.