Whenever I got lonely, or needed some advice, he gave me his shoulder, his words were very nice…


I picks my friends, like I picks my fruit,
and granny told me that when I was only a youth,
I, don’t walk around trynna be what I’m not,
I don’t waste my time trynna get what you got.
I work at pleasing me, cause I can’t please you,
and that’s why, I do what I do,
My soul flies free like a willow tree…


He brought so much excitement to my day.  Spending hours in my cypher, he began to write poems, inspired by the way my mind floated.  He remained untainted by false profits, and listened to the elders.  He meant what he said.  He said, he’d see me through my healing.  He was strong.  He needed me, just as I needed him, sustained by my unpredictable existence, he levitated in the walls that I cultivated- orange and red hues, with yellow overtones.  My creations empower.   I am the water bearer, the loyal one.  Blossoming spirit, they desire, but I chose  him.  I swallowed his insecurities, and I deciphered his anger.  He gave to me purely, without expectations.

I am Shila Iris, life-sustaining…


Meditating in the Music – Falling in Love with SZA


Music is so much a part of my life.  The messages resonate deep in my soul… and when I am searching, it helps.  So, a few weeks ago, I was introduced to SZA. Then I got to see her perform and she blew my mind!  She told me to: “go to church if you scared…”

and I said…





My playlist consists of 2 songs today.

1. Every word in this song instigates something inside of me. I can feel it, twisting and turning in my gut.

2. This right here, you gotta get ready for it! … SZA is so live!

This is SZA. She is so beautiful, inside and out.

Have you ever felt like you were in a noisy place, yet somehow your mind maintained it’s silence? SILENCE IN A NOISY PLACE? Thank you for your time. god’s bless me. Peace.

Shila Iris aka Queen