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Jambo! Welcome. I am Queen & I come to you in the spirit of DUAFE, an african adinkra symbol that symbolizes beauty, cleanliness & desirable feminine qualities. I represent the women of the world who fight to control their own destinies and avoid being characterized as VICTIMS. We are not victims. We are the Mothers of Civilization who hold WISDOM and TRUTH.


I intend to reach into the past to reclaim visual images and rhetoric of revolution. I am here to raise the consciousness and reject attempts to control the powerful identity of woman through stereotypes. WE are more than what you see. I take the past for guidance because it allows me to take a closer look at feminism and female empowerment. We are living in a time where the identity of the woman has become highly-sexualized. Women really believe that they do not look “good” unless their bodies are exposed. Self-esteem is at an all time low, and large companies are making so much money off of bringing the image of the WOMAN down.

Women seem to gladly give away their money to purchase hair, make-up, and name-brand BS that just makes them blend in. I am not opposed to any of these things when bought and used in moderation. Sometimes you might see something that you just love and it just so happens it is name brand. A little make-up is cool, but a lot is not. You have to understand that you should not RELY on these superficial elements. They should ONLY be used as ADORNMENT.

Sometimes it seems like everyone is trying to be someone else. The light women want the brown girl features and the brown girls want the light girl features. Why can’t we just be happy as we are? We can love each other and be friends without wanting to be the other woman. I am trying to break the notion that we have to be exposed to look good; and that we have to lighten or exaggerate our features to be accepted. You do not have to be this way because, guess what? You are beautiful without all the glam. So check this out…

It’s springtime in the Midwest and we can expect varying temperatures. Dressing for the weather is important. Don’t get caught standing in the shade freezing or standing in the sun burning up! It may not be the best idea to pull out the shorts just yet, so try some colorful jeans and light weight fabrics that will give you just enough protection to enjoy the weather. Since it is still Spring, 60 degrees means that you still need to carry a jacket with you. If it was 60 degrees in the Summer, you would not need the jacket, but Spring is fickle so stay on the safe side.

A colorful springtime idea…


Earrings, $2, on sale at Icing by Claire’s

Shirt, $4 end of season sale at Sears

Pants, $20 at Forever21

Red Wedge shoes, Payless BOGO $10 ( I do not suggest buying these shoes- they are cheaply made and make a noise when I walk. They do not feel great)

Red Wedge sandals, Nine West Outlet, $20 (these shoes are all leather upper and they feel great- bought at least 4 years ago)

Brown Fornili Shoe by Aldo, $95

Queen Duafe for African Essence

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Need a book to read? Iconic: Decoding Images of the Revolutionary Black Woman by Lakesia D. Johnson

Iconic: Decoding Images of the Revolutionary Black Woman



Midwest Styles – Do You Remember Bell Bottoms?

I live in Midwestern United Sates where the weather changes day-to-day. Yesterday it was very nice out- sunny and warm. Today it is rainy and chilly! Here we go!

I think I’ll try bell bottoms today. Actually, many people are in to skinny pants, which are fine in some cases, but I am a flare-pant girl. I like my pants to fit on the top and flare at the bottom to compliment my shoes. Check it out. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Haven’t quite decided on my shoes, but it will probably be the Aldo Fornili.

(Note: the photos may appear different depending on the browser speed you have)

I also like bell sleeve shirts and sweaters! They are great. This is not the greatest pic (the rugs from my car in the background), but I got this bell sleeve sweater from JCPenny’s and underneath, I am actually wearing a bell sleeve tunic/dress that I got from

Those stockings are really cool now that I think about it! Look below.

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(bell bottoms with mustard-colored shirt)

The shirt is made of viscose from Dillards, $17 on sale; The pants are from Forever21, I think they were $25 or cheaper; the Fornili shoe that I will wear is of course from Aldo, $95. Don’t spend that, though!

Queen Duafe for African Essence
P.S. Do you need a book to read? Check out: Writing the Black Revolutionary Diva: Women’s Subjectivity and the Decolonizing Text by Kimberly Nichele Brown