Walk the Mile

This is a blog about my journey through life as a descendant of Afrika.
This is a blog about the lifestyles of people of the Afrikan Diaspora.
This is a blog about the lifestyle that I am creating, and constantly solidifying for myself and others around me.

This is a journal of the experiences that made me into what I am.
This is a journal about the elements that wake up my energy, personal power, and intelligence. I am, a woman on fire.

This blog was formed from a desire to help you develop and live an empowered life. 

I am a healer. 

This is not a race thing. The concept of “race” was created by greedy men who wanted to divide and conquer. I’m not about that. But, I am about identifying with your true and natural self. I descend from West Afrika, and I can feel it in my bones. I will not deny myself the peace of embracing my true culture. This heritage is inside of me.

I believe that class and race have kept us from using our magic for too long. The power that they get from SKIN COLOR and MONETARY wealth is not the power that I seek, nor, the life that I chase. Everything I need is inside of ME. Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned.

I rhyme. I write. I vent. I art. I create. I explore. I identify. I love. I innovate. I grow. I heal.

“Our human species evolved in Africa and we all share the same ancestry at this most profound level.”  -Mary Jo Arnoldi

Representations of the Diaspora – Some of my favorite websites (below).
African Voices

I speak because my ancestors spoke. They had the power it took to build pyramids.

Afritorial Logo

AfroElle Mag

P.S. I love you. 

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