Designs by Shila Iris


These are examples of my work. After consultation with the buyer, each piece is exclusively designed with you in mind. These are abstract mixed-media paintings that take approximately two weeks to design.  I can’t wait to create with you!

Love & light   -Shila Iris

Shila Iris is an African artist born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.

“I was raised on the east side of Cleveland, closest to Midtown- Hough Avenue to be exact.  Historically, you may know this neighborhood because of the 1966 Hough Riots.  I wasn’t around then, but in the 80s and 90s, I witnessed the demise of many things that were great, but out of the pain, I became.  I am strong, gifted, talented and focused.  It is my time to shine.”

Shila is an artist of many mediums.  She is a writer, a poet, a community activist, a painter, and a mixed media platform and digital media artist who eagerly ushers in the innovation of the 21st century.

“The world is my vortex, I’m spinning on an axis so divine, I have no time to waste.”

She is well known for her unconventional mannerisms and jazzy fashion statements. Who is Shila Iris?  She is the kitten turned lioness who is ready to strike. She is an advocate of women’s health and higher education and believes that the future will be ran by those with conscious minds and who are smart and honest.


6 thoughts on “Designs by Shila Iris

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