Always get your honey from the hive. This is to say, find the roots, the origins- don’t bog yourself down in extracted information and secondhand accounts of history that you don’t fully comprehend. ORIGINAL SOURCES will lead to the blood of your ancestors. In that blood, you will find POWER.

It’s no cliché, the mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. Stay sharp. Read.

Many of us have SUCCESSFULLY allowed ourselves to become distracted WITH interpretations, manipulations, watered-down versions of the truth. We possess no real understanding of what it means to be ALIVE and living. We get lost in contemporary popular discussion, never really emerging ourselves in reality. Our misunderstandings have lead us into a celebration of anti-intellectualism, ignorance, irresponsible parenthood, escalating tensions between men and women, criminal lifestyles, etc. etc. etc.

We have to see the benefits in getting our honey from the hive. Our hives are within ourselves, bequeathed to us by our ancestors, from their tombs, in Ancient African Civilizations. We have to know that learning who we are is the way to become empowered.  

I trust the scholars within our culture that have dedicated their lives to bringing us the true history of ourselves. They have traveled and studied and written many great books. I no longer wish to embrace secondhand accounts of who and what I am. I get my honey from the hive, there is no need to consume processed information!

7 life-changing books to study with:

  1. Two Thousand Seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah
  2. Introduction to African Civilizations by John G. Jackson
  3. Introduction to Black Studies by Maulana Karenga
  4. Enemies: The Clash of Races by Haki R. Madhubuti
  5. Black Rituals by Sterling Plumpp
  6. The Spook Who Sat by the Door by Sam Greenlee
  7. Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of a Race From 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D. by Chancellor Williams

6 thoughts on “MIND OVER MATTER

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