The Closer We…


I am amazed at how with him I can speak
I can speak strong and passionately
I can be expressive and loud,
and still and quiet
anyway, I want to be,
he embraces my All


He’s so secure within himself,
he encourages it


He encourages my existence as a woman,
but moreso my existence as a
divine presence ascending

Up, up, up and away.

He doesn’t see me as being against him
He knows that I am for him
He knows that I adore him
He knows from where I come

He says, “lift your voice and sing.”

He and I take pleasure
in healthy and peaceful conversation
He and I take pleasure
in knowing and growing

We get even better, even hotter,
even toned, we,
are two sides of the same coin, we
toss and turn, and take risks
And at night, we return, we
convene, we
demonstrate, we
heal and find flow
so that in the morning we can co-create

He wants me to have a choice.

He isn’t interested in a woman who lies down
An actress,

doing things that turn her into a machine
He isn’t interested in a woman
“who knows how to treat a man”
Because he knows that the things men have

been taught to do are far from godly
are far from creating balance,
are far from harmonious living,
these oppressive trifles,
a performance full of comfortable distractions on the road to demise

I treat him like the god that he is
and so he goes deep within,
looking behind my eyes

He knows why the caged bird sings.

He wants me,
not for how willingly I can submit,
he wants me to be free, and
he knows that when I am uplifted,
my magic comes alive
He is, the B side to my A
Our records spinning
There’s no pretending
No disappearing, no MIA

His security is full of love
I feel safe even in his absence
He’s in my mind,
he came on time,
he’s big, he’s small, he’s fine
Fine in a way that ever so liberates
And as much stimulates,
I’ll give him what he needs
I’ll cover him when he bleeds
I’ll nurture his seeds, indeed
He is more than a man
I choose.
So glad that life is like the ocean
The tide comes in, oh the lessons we learn
The patience, the wisdom that comes when you seek it
He doesn’t tell me how to live my life
He listens and inquires and gives
He comes closer, so close I can feel his heartbeat
He wants to know how I became what I am
and I want to know him too
With no compromise

He is like the clouds in the sky
Shapeshifting, but consistent
He hears me.
Loud and clear.
He asks, “are you with me?”
I say, “I have always been with you.
I do.”

So the proverb is true

The man that silences a woman,
silences himself.

and so we both speak
with no measure, he

has reminded me of what love can do.

The closer we get.

by Shila Iris


Word is Bond [11]


Sound is a powerful healer.

Modern-day proverbs and thoughts by Shila Iris ♥

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No one ever leaves you…


All these memories, too much to lose
I don’t need faith, I just want you…

Old man, let me wipe your eyes
I’ve never seen you cry

Old friend, in our own sweet time
We’ll say a good, goodbye
All my life, I know by now

All these memories, too much to lose
No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith, I don’t need truth
No one ever leaves you

You’d say, this is all there is
And every time you’d blink, you’d miss
another piece of this wondrous world

All I’d ask is why you’d leave so soon
Everybody seems to
I don’t need faith, I just want you
No one ever leaves you

Everybody raise a glass, oh, here’s to a good goodbye
Everybody raise a glass, oh, here’s to a good goodbye
Everybody raise a glass, oh,  here’s to a good goodbye
Oh, everybody raise a glass, oh

All these memories too much to lose
No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith, I don’t need truth
No one ever leaves you
I don’t need faith, I just want proof

Goodnight and goodbye…

Shila Iris

P.S. Dedicated to everyone who has ever been a part of my life, and for those who have crossed my path. Thank you.

Men and women are miniature universes…


… who reflect in their balanced relationship the larger universe.

It is important that we gain knowledge of who and what we are in order to be in a balanced partnership with another. You are the UNIVERSE. Study it. It is our nature to be together, not with many, that is a form of imbalance, but with a twin spirit. And by twin spirit, I mean the person who will compliment your existence. If you look at the concentric zodiac calendar, it can sometimes be the person completely opposite of you. What I’ve come to find is that often times, this person won’t be like you, behaviorally. Of course, you’ll share similarities, but they will be the other side of you, and together, you create a whole. We’ve been trained to be narcissists, looking for someone just like us when by Universal Law, that doesn’t measure. It isn’t so natural. With a twin spirit, you love them for not being you! You are enamored by their gifts, as they are yours. The two of you represent balance. Different sides of the same coin. It’s so beautiful to find peace in a union like this!

The G.U.N. = God, Universe, Nature = 1

Whatever the case may be with who you’re with, the important thing is for you to be at one with yourself, and then co-create, harmoniously, with one person at a time. It’s healthy to be able to connect with a person in a spiritual way whereas you’re not involving or running to many many people for validation. Let go of drama. In order to see this, you’ll have to be willing to be alone. If you’re already married, find a space to be in silence daily, for as long as it takes to connect with and love yourself.

Being by yourself allows you to hear the most important voice of all, yours, and in you, is God. Meditate. Embrace being in a state of solitude. It isn’t easy, but it is the most rewarding experience, for in this silence, you’ll hear the voice of God, and, you will hear and see yourself. Be quiet. Sit still. Listen.

So grateful for a Sunday afternoon, in the park, filled with butterfly kisses…

peace and joy!

Shila Iris

P.S. By being in solitude, I gained this uncompromising love for myself. It’s unconditional. And now, I reflect that love out into the world, in a reciprocating manner. I no longer feel confused and challenged by other people’s truths or realities. I embrace the All. I feel free! And I’m growing and changing the traumatic patterns in my DNA constantly. Must we all?

Speaking of God…


We, the microcosms of this macro. The Universe is vast; and we are more divine than we are human.

My eyes are watching God,

Shila Iris

P.S. If you’re looking for the answers than you’ve got to ask the questions. Who is God? I hope you find what you are. Peace and joy.

To all the daddies I know! Hey Papa! Hey Brandon! Hey Kwame! Hey Alexander Scott! Hey Frank Anthony! Hey Kobi! To my ancestor grand daddy Willie B, I miss you so much!

6 Fantastically Appealing Women 2019


These days I am very mindful of the things I consume.  I have sensitive eyes, ears, and tastes.  My heart is seeking purity at the highest level.  With an open spirit, I attract great energy and truth.  In my world, this intelligence knows no boundaries.  With each person I come into contact with, I find a positive vibration, even in the darkest of hearts and even when it’s hard to see from behind the masks that we all wear.  I find the duality in all things.  There are lessons to be learned.  Everyone is a teacher.  Allow the light into your life!

Meditate (to think, to ponder, to fix attention) on this powerful feminine persuasion…

United States Representative Ilhan Omar

Activist Tamika Mallory 

Academic Kaouthar Darmoni 

Spiritual Scholar Kamil Oshundara 

Entrepreneur Dawn Dickson 

Gender Activist & Author Samina Ali 

Stay tuned… I have my eyes fixed on 6 wonderfully appealing men as well.

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I am Shila (shy-lah) Iris

Word is Bond [8]


I appreciate the love I get, each and every day.  Love, for me, is constant care and attention.  We’ve only got today.

#Lovemeorleavemealone #livemeorleaveme

Modern-day proverbs and thoughts by Shila Iris ♥

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P.S. Yesterday, one of my closest friends trucks flipped over after being hit from the side by a vehicle that was going too fast in a construction zone.  This hurt me deeply.  My friend climbed out of the sunroof of his totaled vehicle and walked away with a sore body and very little injuries.  I am so grateful.  He’s in my life, in my thoughts, and in my heart, every day.  I love you now.  Peace.  I am here.