You never know who will walk into your day, into your life, and give you that push you need to survive.

“I hear nothing in my ear but your voice.
Heart has plundered mind of its eloquence.” -Rumi

I am so grateful for the experience I call, life. I can’t do this alone. To the people who aren’t afraid to love me out loud:  You kiss the salt from my eyes, and from my wounds, and give me the poetry of your wisdom. You know just what to speak, the truth. Respect. For the people with whom my soul mates, who come across my path, give me seeds, and tell me to plant them. I am reaping what I sow. These letters are to you…

for my great true friend and brother: You and I were not born from the same womb, but yet, I feel you. Thank you for being my brother for over 15 years. You showed me REAL love and you have taught me that it takes years to really get to know someone. Take your time. you are the most honest. u adore me and love me so maturely. your kingdom is larger than life! timing. I remember when I made my first big mistake. I remember how you felt that day. I think you couldn’t believe it. How could i step down from my throne, my pedestal, to feed the needy? You embraced my servitude.

You have taught me the meaning of a friend by never crossing lines. ♠ You showed, just how true you were.

Thank you for the tough love. You never lie. and you always make it clear to me, how a man feels. I didn’t know. You school me, baby! ♥

forthe wonderful wordsmith who isn’t quite a friend, but we are becoming. Each day, you bless my ears with the wisdom from your experiences. With your outlandish and amazing metaphors, you make me smile. This awakening is delightful! Peace and blessings to you.

forthe musician, the artist, who allowed me to sing. I didn’t think that we’d be together for a day. But the wind sent you my way. We can walk comfortably, together in the light. I take your hand, and call you a friend. 144 seasons have brought you power. You strike a balance, you challenge me. You are the real thing. I sit with you, and you listen. I rap with you, and you give me a baseline. You are a master, more than an aesthetic, and you pull everything good from me. Thank you for letting me be free.

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