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I am full of love and aggression... as I delve into the study of the tantric arts, I am pleased.

SUN DAZE: Alice Coltrane & Robert Glasper


I’m sitting here, in the master bedroom, fighting my allergies with holy basil tea. Taking this journey to a higher place with Alice, and her spiritual muse Swami Satchidananda

Master Bedroom Night

In this space, I’m not ready to leave. I read, comparing my notes, opening my eyes and ears, I breath. I’m learning, I can feel my body coming alive. My mind, my heart, I’m turning…

Metu Neter

… into my elevated SELF. Leaving this realm for the next, herbs help me to relax. I transform into a panther, long, black, I’m swift, experiencing trials, I’m running the last mile, the last stretch, to get back. This love for life is intense. Won’t you journey with me?David Hilliard

Peace and love, let your blessings manifest adjacent to your righteousness.

OSiris RiSinG

Sa-Ra and Bob Marley Awakening


Waking up in this space, it’s hard to get out of bed…

Bedroom MannerWould you want to rush off?

My early morning rising was that of a Queen. Listening to the sounds of Sa-Ra, eating this space fruit…

As I sip my hibiscus, Bob Marley sang me a song…

And then back to Sa-Ra…

I’m ready for the world now!


Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned. If your knowledge were your wealth than it would be well earned.

I am Shila, come play.

Sunday Morning Sermons


We all need to be fed differently. I eat from this tree. I am well nourished. Sunday morning mysteries, wake up world and stop sleeping.

Verse 2:

Now see me, like a fool wandering in my own hell
Because I believe I can save this love
Tell me how far must I disregard my own pride, my own pride
To make you understand this love is for real

Oh deep down, beyond, the surface of your humble heart
You long for my passion, you long for love

Verse 2:

Why do we want to remain where we started?
And how long do we want to stop ourselves from thinking?
We should learn from experience that what we are here for this existence
But now we decide to use the same hatred to suppress our own brothers
It is so comfortable to say racism is the cause
But this time it is the same colour chasing and biting us
Knowledge and selfishness that they gave to us,
this is what we use to abuse us

Wake up world!!
Wake up and stop sleeping
Wake up africa!!
Wake up and stop blaming
Open your eyes!!
Stand up and rise
Road block oh life penalty

Apply it to your life. Start thinking deeper. Dive into the real. There, you will find me. Alone.

3rd Eye

Peace and blessings manifest,
wake up man, woman, and stop sleeping!

I am Shila, the most High

EveryONE beneath the Sun must find a Way… the last hour of Winter welcomes the First Day of Spring, 6:45 our Time


Don’t be afraid
in the shadows of darkness
the night balances out the day
as the vernal equinox finds its way
6, 4, 5
post meridian, it’s time

find me
all that you thought mattered
wasn’t filling
i am your fullness
i am your Spring
the mistress of mystery
goddess ciphering
rotating, evolving, blossoming,
untouched by your inability to feel
the real, I am the way,

come lift me
let go of the dead weight

my womb is thirsty
the life inside of me has yet to be born
put your hands into my loop

and bring forth eternal life


i am waiting
allowing the medicinal metaphors of history
the prophetic memories of the seasons past
redirect my high

i am turnt
i am in another di e
mension, i fly
through the evening sky

Into the Blue

you haven’t felt it yet,
but i have,
let me tell you about the reasons, last
night i was fucking the light
it keeps me grounded
i am
rooted in the things you told me to pay attention to

you are in my dreams
cycling through my thunderous extremes
i receive
messages from gods

i process the important data
hieroglyphs painted on my walls

my soul left my body
i am traveling
my unconscious mind
con  trives

the TRUTH,
the story of my genes
my ancestors, the creators of liberty
want me to be free
to say words like:

you are the day, and I am the night
put your fingers in my sands and
draw two parallel lines to measure us
wake up

life is experimental, but he plays chess
the living doesn’t start until you say yes,
to greatness,
let go of an empty search
you should ask the god in you for me
or should you let life just be?
don’t live in misery,
when you could have my mysteries

ok, so it’s like this
i want you
in the Spring
do you want me?

it took me forever to be right on time

peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned,
shila_iris is OSiRiS RiSinG is your Queen is your Reality, i am power, come play with me
Face it.
i am poet.

listen… and be wild as the warm winds…

The Last Day in February: The Tears that Formed Lake Victoria


… my heart stopped
for a minute it skipped beats
I held on to the side of the well
head lowered, looking down into darkness
tears flowed freely
I had given so much
my space
my support
my time
he asked for more
he asked for things that he, himself could not give
he required much,
but gave so little
how could I allow this?

unfriendly palpitations
took the breath of me
unkind words
took the rest
leaving me speechless
our conversations dwindled
I forgot who I was
and so did he |


i need to hear you praise me
I am Queen
i need you to reciprocate
I am esteemed
i need you to rise to my occasion
for I am the one who brought you light
i need you to ask me,
be a Pisces
if you think that you must have more
then please, dismiss me
i am worth every drop of blood
I am warrior royalty
so, if you’re not willing to fight

i think that you are beautiful,
to someone you belong
you are just not tuned to play my song

the spring is coming
making revolutions around far off sunsets
triggering early sunrise
you will find what you are looking for

she is the haram of your harem
could your sin be pretend?

photo from jackielaryea blog

Photo from the Jackie Laryea blog


from The Last Day in February: The Story of Kitara and the Tears that Formed Lake Victoria (unclassified poetry in motion by Shila Iris)

The Nile River Flows Through Me


He is the River Nile
The soil around him is fer tile
he is steady planting seeds
and watering them with my juices
his trees bear the fruit of me
on the branches I rest majestically
I call out to Pharaoh,
my divine King
when he’s in between
things are Exactly what they seem
His greatness creates streams,
that run through me
becoming rivers
flowing around my canals
and ravines
his Ebony mysteries,
prophetic history
prepares me for storms,
and extremes
When the floods come,
I am safe
surrounded by the aura of his grace
Protected by his Strength
I am goddess queen to this god
he studies the sun, the moon
and the stars
making calculated moves
he lives the truth and
bequeaths it to me
I live in his pyramid
Kushite to Meroë
temple to tomb
downriver to Timbuktu
across the Sahara
we stand in our own reflections
wanting less, needing nothing
but the presence of the person in the moment
Long Live the King in Me!

Queen OSiRis