I got this Need for You…


I got this thing for you
If you come closer I can whisper in your ear
And if you wanna walk away
I’ll tell you all the things I know you wanna hear…

I think I may love you, if you give me some time, maybe you’ll love me too

Peace and love,

Shila Iris , Find me



Kiss Me on My Neck


biteI want somebody to walk up behind me
And kiss me on my neck and breathe on my neck

If you want to feel me
Better be divine
Bring me water, water for my mind
Give me nothin
Breathe love in my air
Don’t abuse me
Cause these herbs are rare

If you want too feel me baby
Better be divine
Bring me water for these flowers
Growing out my mind

Give me nothin’ just be gentle
Breathe love in my air
Use me, don’t abuse me, love me
Cause these herbs are rare

Well behaved women, rarely make history. Don’t label me a good girl. Don’t label me a bad girl. I’m living my life!

Shila Iris, pictures

To Capture a Honey Bee


We stay swarming, so, watch out, you might get stung…

“So tell me Slim what you wanna do
When you know I’m in love wit you
Every time that I turn around
Look for you but you can’t be found
Fly free baby fine wit me
I’m in love wit a bumble bee
Ooh Slim, boy you killing me
But you so sweet to me”

Join the Queen Team- let your natural beauty show. No fillers, no filters, no make-up, no pretending, no adjustments, Just You.

This is who I am. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am Shila Iris


Esperanza Spalding Presents: Emily’s D+Evolution @Cain Park tomorrow in Cleveland Heights, OH


Emily Espe 3

Who is Emily, you might ask? Not even Esperanza knows, but I guess you’ll have to show up to find out. This production is sure to be a smashing hit, as Ms. Spalding puts on many hats and presents what we could sort of call her “alter ego.” Are you ready? I am ready! It’s playtime!

Can you pretend to be yourself?

The shows starts at 8:00 pm and tickets range from $20-37. If you haven’t seen her live, this would be a good opportunity to experience her wonderful jazzy majesties. She is stunning in character and in talent, and I am all about her exploration of the many dimensions inside of herself. Peace and love sista soul. Can’t wait to experience you.

Get your tickets here.

Emily Espe 4

I am Shila. Peace and blessings.

Read about her here. 

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The Wine is Fine

Just saw this on the shelf at Whole Foods! See now, I’m thirsty! The wine really is fine!!!! Sistas, how y’all feeling?!!!!






Goodnight Bag Lady


Simply Dope.