National Poetry Month! @Maya Angelou


Yup! I eat spicy California rolls at 10:45 pm in bed with Maya Angelou. Only during National Poetry Month, though!


It’s So Easy to Love Her, Selah!


Since the first time I heard her voice, I have been in love with the sound of her. I don’t care how she looks, or how she wears her hair. I don’t care how crazy they say she is, or how many kids, I just love to hear her speak. I see myself reflected in her eyes, and I get weak. Her art is ministry. Her words are from the most high, she is god. And sometimes, I kneal, for, I am thankful for the gift of her experiences, revealed, through her poetic verses, Lauryn Hill… I hear you, as your soul transitions into happiness, keep blessing the best of us. I hear my ancestors speak through you, triumphant woman of the moon, peace to you.

It’s national poetry month ya’ll… Selah… and then he came…

Nothing can be done against the truth
No matter how we remain in denial, yeah
Wasting time, replacing time
With each empty excuse
But that’ll only work a little while…

Coping with despair
Knowing you’re not there
Ashamed to just admit I’ve been a fool
So I blame it on the sun
Run away from everyone
Hoping to escape this ridicule

Trapped in misery
Wrapped so miserably in this deception I wear it like a skin
Dying to maintain, oh I keep trying to explain
A heart that never loved me to begin

Oh I’m such a mess, I have no choice but to confess
That I’ve been desperately trying to belong
Lying to myself and everybody else
Refusing to admit my right was wrong

And then he came, selah
Oh and it means praise and meditation
And then he came, selah
Oh and it means, did ya think about that
And then he came, selah
Oh and it means, praise and meditation
And then he came, selah
Oh and it means that it is sieved

How beautiful his fruits, still in denial of its roots
My guilty heart behaved so foolishly
This treason from within that reasons with my sin
Won’t be happy til it sees the death of me

Selfishly addicted to a life that I’ve depicted
Conflicted cause it’s not reality
Oh what’s left of me, I beg you desperately,
Cause me to agree but what I know is best for me

Please save me from myself
I need you, save me from myself
Please save me from myself so I can heal

The choices that I make, oh have been nothing but mistakes
What a wasted use of space
Should I die before I wake?
In all of my religion, I’ve fortified this prison
Obligated to obey the demands of bad decision

Please save me from myself
I need you to save me from myself
Please save me from myself so I can heal

And then he came, selah
Oh and it means praise and meditation
And then he came, selah
Oh and it means did ya think about that
And then he came, selah
Oh and it means meditation
And then he came, selah
Oh and it means that it is sealed

And then he came
And then he came, then he came, then he came
And then he
And then he came



P.S. Nothing can be done against the truth.

Out of the Rain, I Come for You


My mind is overwhelmed with the reality that I’ve been captured
melancholy rigor mortis becomes me
my spirit is heavier than my mind, my body
my legs shake, denying me mobility
i lay here, but i am not present
i want to stay
but I don’t know how to exist
in this space
I’m fighting
my mind is rotating 345, 360, 315
i daydrift into a dream
i am an earth goddess, spinning
needing to be with you
but needing my solitude

healing, with gel and latex
rubbing herbs into my soul
i contemplate
i look at my face through the fog
“you can do this” i say
affirmations is the way
i can say i love you and mean it
i can walk away,
but that doesn’t mean i’m leaving
feed me
food and water,
relieve me
I’ll give you the world
cause I have it,
just let me be free to choose

so I’ll close my eyes

and allow the fear to die,
so I can wake up

and be with you.


I am an Aquarius. we are slow to respond sometimes, because we’re thinking. let us.

more and more, I see, that excuses and blame are tools of the incompetent.
Say what you feel, before what you want gets away.

Love, Shila

Saul Williams for National Poetry Month @MOCA


Use poetry to tap into your ROOTs.
Let the true spirit of your ancestors, shine through.

Our people were scattered into the desert, across the sea, over and away from their homeland; and they have forgotten how to recognize themselves.  We will wake up.  -shila

I am an artist with a mission. That mission is to always be about uplifting people of African descent, and to be instrumental in the restoration of our true identity. This is why artists like Saul Williams inspire me:

“I am the streets
The white lines only separate me from me
You hydroplane in false god’s name and still crash into me
Sign and tree; mountainside; guard rail; into the sea
They thought they stole you from my arms then carried you to me
Here’s the key: DNA encoded in a beat
White rocks in a vial, nigga, ain’t got nothin’ on me
Bitch I’m free, ask these editors at MTV
Far as they know, they’re publishing some new school poetry
Let it be
Cause even that will do to turn the key
Doorways into other worlds, the truth shall set you free
You are me, I am you, but also I’m he
Shepherd of a bastard flock that grazes in the streets… ”

– from DNA by S.W.

Every day, I am a poet. I have been writing since I was 7.
Sometimes my words rhyme, but most often I use free verse.
From free verse, came the rise of spoken word poetry.
Many artists have chosen this form as their primary means of communicating.
Try it. It can be quite liberating.


If you are in Northeast Ohio, tomorrow, April 15, Saul Williams will be reading at MOCA and then performing at the Grog Shop. If you attend the MOCA event for $12, you can get into the Grog for $10.  Of course advance purchases are better, because you save a few dollars. Check him out. I’ve seen him at least 4 times, in different cities, and I really dig him because each performance is different. He is fully committed and true to his art form and that is admirable.


Peace and love.  I am OSiRis RiSinG

Sunday Nights… I Don’t Feel Like Talking, JusT LisTen


He asked, “where did you come from?” I placed my hands on his heart, looked into his eyes and said, “I come from inside of you. Just listen.”

I don’t feel like talking tonight. I just want to sit here in silence, and be the moon. It’s not complicated. Moving through the Universe, on high, I fly.

1.  ORANGE MOON:  Erykah Badu

I’m an Orange Moon
I’m brighter than before
Brighter than ever before
I’m an Orange Moon and I shine so bright
Cause I reflect the light of my sun
I praise the day, he turned my way
And smiled at me
He gets to smile and I get to be orange, that I love to be


You’re ruling the way that I move
And I breathe your air
You only can rescue me
This is my prayer
If you were mine
If you were mine
I wouldn’t want to go to heaven

3. TOMORROW: Lisa Shaw

Does love feel real
Would you say
I’d find a way
To be there for you
And I’d stay
If you let me down
I’d be there
Again and again

4. THE TICKLER:  YahZarah

The sun glistens off your skin
In a universe with me and you baby
Under your control I’m in
Boy you ask and you’ll find the fire deep within

5. NOTHING EVEN MATTERS:  Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo 

You’re part of my identity
I sometimes have the tendency
To look at you religiously
‘Cause nothing even matters to me

Hope you liked those 5. And here’s a bonus track. Goodnight.

____________________BONUS BONUS BONUS!!!

6. UNDERTOW: Goapele

From the moment I saw you
There was something about you
Just from the look in your eyes
I knew I wanted to stay
How you were licking your lips
I could tell you we’re danger
Babe you’re the type of boy
Not even love can change
So I know I should leave
But I’m not ready to go
About to ride that wave
Got me in your zone

I am shila.iris.


Homo Sapien Gods – My Life Began Inside of an Aries


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR MOTHER!!!  This poem is dedicated to my parents, who are both Aries, who I watched love each other for many years, with little interference, but their seasons had to end, because sometimes, we make the wrong decisions. but the right choices. their souls mated. mated long enough to create 6 lives. from 1980 until 1987. a tribe. my parents were best of friends, facing their reflections in the eyes of the other, i’m like my mother, my dad, my brother, my sisters and I are one. it’s hard to allow each other to be human sometimes, right? “you’re really out of my control, but I’m not trying to rope you.” be free. i love the energy that created me. thank you for birthing iris, i’m with you til the end! peace and blessings, i send. 


Dopamine racing
the feeling is surreal
love is fleeting,
but his intentions are real
i am not his default
he didn’t steal me
he didn’t keep me on the side
he came to me, free as love can be
the wind blew around us,
creating a vortex
he rolled me up in a blunt and smoked my cerebral cortex
he speaks
i stop.
i listen
cerebellum bale- lance
there is nothing like me,
to him
he is high in between my sighs
he, lays there
looking into my eyes
he came inside, what a pleasant surprise
that’s what we do together
he carried my baggage to the trash
canned it, but didn’t chastise me nor reprimand it
I am not falling for him,
i rise, I rise, i rise, I rise!!!
i can see myself in the skies!
i am loving this
homo sapien god
             My LIFE began inside of an Aries.
my lover, my friend
he gave me a heart beat
teething, over his shoulder
as he takes over,
i am in your arms
burning in your fire,
higher, higher!
lifting the smoke screen
you see me,
resonating in my mind
my King
i am so in love with you

My siblings and I were all born under the conditions illustrated in this poem. 


Sitting here thinkin’ bout ya’ll

Recently, I have met some of the dopest and illest human beings alive. When I say dope and ill, I mean intelligent, wisdom-filled homo sapien gods!

It all started last year, when I attended the Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn, New York. The people, these “like-bodies” were so attractive, out-going, and confident. It was an amazing flow of energy in the air. It felt like we were walking between pyramids in Egypt. Such beauty reminded me that I was god. I began TRANSFORMING…

I felt elevated. And when I came down from this high, I went to you…

LET ME LOVE YOU. IT’S NOT COMPLICATED. My intentions are to plant seeds inside of you and to keep an open heart, and an open mind with You and YOU, and yoU, and YoU too. I got mad love for the Free people of the world! And I ain’t talking bout people with money and control, I’m talking about those real One’s, who live outside of the Matrix; who are bold lovers of themselves, and they love you too. GODS. They make you feel so good; not by stroking your ego in your weak moments, and not by pretending to choose you when it’s really default; but by telling you the truth, I’M MARRIED 2U. I’m married to me. I give you what you need, if you worthy. Brothas, sistahs! WE ARE meant 2B doing this together. Bring your LIKE-Minds into my atmosphere. Ya’ll inspire me to be god. Ya’ll remind me of my ancestral grace, in a world that tells me to hide it. I’m not hiding. I’m not lying. Reciprocity. I’m not afraid of you. I’ll look you in your eyes and say, “I’m god!”wpid-2015-04-06_15.57.44.jpg

But so are you. My darling Aries kindred sprits – Happy birthday

March 23 – Rayvon, this 4 year old is such a leader, so in control. I love it!
March 28 – Kyla, my oldest niece, and my youngest soul mate, i love your smile
March 28 – Zoië, my youngest niece, this wild one bites, I need this crazy baby
April 1 – Jalá-Rahni, my 3rd eye sees you, even in the dark, my goddess guru
April 1 – Maxine, the Queen of Raw
April 2 – My daddy, i love your poetic hustlin’
April 8 – Andre, my coolest cousin
April 8 – Imhotep Frank TheeTalented 10th, my sounding board, 13 years passed fast!
April 10 – My mother, mom, hmmmm. i am u.
April 10 – My Brandi Gregg! I love your Barbie doll collection and your warm hugs!
April 14 – Mr. Bobby Williams, who i can say anything under the Sun to, turns out, i need u

I am so glad to be able to connect with the Aries, rising with the Sun and resting with the Moon. Let the peace and blessings manifest within you, together, we are One. wpid-2015-03-20_18.05.47.jpgP.S. I do not want you to go, but I don’t know how to stop you. Live in my musicwpid-2015-04-06_13.31.07.jpg
i am OSIRIS and I’m RiSinG!!