How I Wear My Leggings – To Compliment My Femininity, Not My Sexuality


I read that leggings that are worn as pants, have been banned in many schools across the country because they are said to be distracting and too revealing. Employers are banning them for the same reasons, adding that they contribute to harassment and are unsafe. I comprehend. Of course we can argue the truths and untruths of this matter, but the bottom line is, a person has to have self-awareness and esteem to be able to understand why leggings may not be the best choice of attire when in search for success and positive attention. Ladies, do what you feel, but be prepared to receive what you get. I am here to offer alternatives so that you won’t be attacked, embarrassed, or harassed.

Here is how I wear my leggings:

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I have my reasons for not liking leggings… I saw a young lady the other day who, judging from her demeanor and attitude, could not have been over the age of 14. She was very irritated because some boy made a rude comment about her rear end. 😦 Well, she had on leggings and was wearing them as pants, so I’m like… hmmmm… wait a minute. Before we get too angry, let’s talk about self-awareness. She was very shapely for her age and that is OK, but she probably should not have had on leggings as pants. You might want to consider how you wear those leggings young lady! Should you wear a long shirt to cover your behind or perhaps a dress so that your body will be less revealed?

What could she have done differently as to not attract negative attention and energy? Just last month a guy got arrested at my job for approaching some little girls in a sexual manner. It was disgusting. He had been watching them and decided that he’d make his move. I observe the girls every time I am at work, paying attention to what they wear and a lot of it is not cool. Many times I see the young girls raising up their shirts to show their stomachs in public and talking loud, and wearing see through shirts so that the boys can see their bras. And more often than I care to witness, they wear too tight and too small clothing that is a cry for attention. It is just a bit much for a child to be wearing leggings as pants. Actually, I can’t believe how many of them do. I wish that I could say that it is OK to wear anything no matter how tight, but after observing predators, I would cover my child up. That guy wasn’t the first guy I saw go after a child. It saddens me because I wish the world was simple enough to where things were NOT looked at in a sexual way. But the reality is: SEX IS USED TO HYPNOTICALLY DISTRACT AND we have to be careful not to become a victim of the SEX. I work in a public place where I see a whole lot of inappropriateness and hyper-sexuality and I cry. I cry inside for people who have been bamboozled into thinking that letting it all hang out, will get them what they want.

Let’s talk prevention. We can avoid a lot of negative behavior by wearing things that compliment our femininity rather than our sexuality.

Peace and love… I only say these things because I want you to receive the respect you deserve. I’ve made my wardrobe mistakes and wearing too-revealing clothing was one. I do not want or need the wrong kind of attention. I also do not want to be a sexual distraction. I would much rather grab the attention of your mind.

All I can say is that when I dress like a Queen, I am treated as such.

It’s all love,

The Kush Queen of African Essence




Learning How to Wear Skinny Jeans Part 2


Yesterday I shared with you all how I wear my black skinny’s. This is my red pair. Check it out and let me know what you think. Don’t be afraid to like this post if you are a wordpress blogger and subscribe using the follow blog option in the menu to your left. I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

Peace and so much love,

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Learning How to Wear Skinny Jeans Part 1


Ok, skinny’s aren’t my favorite, but somehow I bought 3 pairs for under $10 a piece. They have been sitting in my closet collecting dust, so I thought I’d give them another go… this is DAY 1: The black pair.

Overall, I like them a little. I definitely think you have to know your body type in order to wear them because like everything in life, everything ain’t for everybody. These jeans hug so if you wear them, KNOW your body!!!!!!

*I figured, I might as well not waste them. I think they look OK on me according to my shape. I’ve seen a few ladies who can honestly wear them and look great in them (I’ve only seen a few). I’ve worn this black pair in the past with high heel wedges and other sandals. I will not wear them with flats unless I cuff the bottom of the jean. The flats have to be a clean-looking light weight canvas shoe. None of those Tom’s shoes or baby doll flats. I do not like that look at all! It makes the feet look like boats! LOL. Well anywho… I’ll be back tomorrow with a 2nd look.

Peace and love,

The Kush Queen of African Essence


Tasteful Nudity

From my Blog Shila Iris. Peace and so much love! Let me know your thoughts and post pictures that you think are tasteful.

Embrace Your African Essence


Embrace  Your AEBe creatively righteous in displaying your Goddess beauty. You can be fashionable and righteous in your style of dress.

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