Africare Glycerin


Glycerin has totally transformed my skin in less than a week. I purchased a bottle last week and added it to my raw shea butter. Stirred it up just a bit and applied it to my very very (alligator scaly) dry skin. This week, no scales to be found! I had been having trouble for years with my skin, and this has definitely helped. I live in a city with more cold months than warm so my skin gets really dry very often making it where I have to exfoliate during cold seasons at least every other day. Even when I do this, I still have scales. This was a particularly dry winter for some reason. My skin was so dry, it was painful to lay in my Egyptian cotton sheets! How about that?

I would try to stretch the skin out with my fingers and then rub oils in this way, but it was too much work. I almost went back to lotion! I do not care for lotion because of the many many ingredients. I prefer not using any product that has too many ingredients. It seems poisonous (I’ve done research). So normally I just use shea butter and coconut, olive, castor, & jojoba oils mixed together (sort of expensive) but I like the natural feel of them. However, my skin was not taking anything until now.




It felt sort of thin and WET when I applied it by itself. When I mix it w/ shea, it feels less wet, and my skin is extremely smooth. My skin looks and feels wonderful. No visible cracking dryness. 


You should be able to get it at the drugstore. Maybe some hair & beauty stores, but I am not a fan of so-called “hair & beauty stores” because they are normally owned and operated by people who have no real interest in hair & beauty, only profit, and will sell you anything to make a dollar- so may I suggest the drugstore? At least there’s no facade or stereotypes.


Hopefully you have an Afrikan store in your city. If not, you can order it from the internet from


I am applying it once a day before bed or whenever I bathe (afterwards). I rub it on my body, excluding my face. However, the product that I use on my face is primarily composed of glycerin (it’s the #2 ingredient).



African Holistic Healing Arts -Ethnomedicine



African Holistic Health by Llaila O. Afrika

About the cover: The shape of Afrika you are witnessing on the cover is the correct shape. It is very rare to see a correct depiction of the shape of the continent. In the top left corner, the statuesque figure you see is Imhotep- the Father of Medicine. Slightly underneath Afrika, you see the Caduceus which is the symbol for health practitioners.

What’s in the book? 

  • Herbs, vitamins, minerals, aminos, glandular and food
  • Recipes
  • Sexual Personality Types
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Self Diagnosis Charts (so important)
  • Male Cycles
  • Anthrax, Aids, & Cocaine Addiction Remedies (yes, you can deal with these issues wholistically)


So I read this book- actually, it’s not a book you would read straight through. I have been thumbing through it for some time.

It’s excellent. Honestly, I don’t have A+ health insurance so my options are normally holistic (wholistic) remedies. Even if I had wonderful healthcare, I probably would not want to run to the doctor every time I was feeling ill. I have respect for doctors, but I don’t always get the results I need when I go. I believe that we should explore preventative health measures so that we don’t have to rely on another man or woman to tell us things about our bodies that we should already be aware of.

The last time I saw a physician, I told her that I was experiencing severe pain in a part of my body and her response was, “awe, I’ll take a look at it. You are very young and it’s probably nothing.” She took a look, but did not do any X-rays which may have been the better option (glad she didn’t, though- too much radiation). That was 2 years ago. I still have pain in that area once in a while. I deal with it in holistic ways. I had seen another doctor right before I saw her. This doctor was very young and good. I told her about it and she actually said that she couldn’t find anything wrong and advised me to take a mild sedative when I felt the pain. At least she tried to help. She called me on the phone with test results and sent me brochures and made suggestions on things I could do to keep the area of body that was in pain healthy. It’s sort of hit or miss with doctors. They are only human just like us and they do not have all the answers. This is why holistic health is important.

I keep a thorough health log. This is a calendar that I make daily notations in. I like keeping track of the supplements I take, any ailments or changes I notice. I also record any activities that I take part in that may affect my health- this includes exercise, etc. It has been very helpful for me.


Wholistic and holistic can be used interchangeably. When you hear these terms, it means that you are dealing w/ remedies that are representative of the spirit, mind and body.

Dis-ease: When the body is not at-ease, it is dis-eased. That means that the spirit, mind and body are ill. In orthodox medicine, disease usually means that you are physically ill. In Afrikan and holistic medicine, it means spirit mind body are ill. With that in mind, how many sick people do you know?  The book is great because it addresses European methods of dealing with health which aren’t necessarily bad, they just don’t promote prevention and continued healthiness. They are geared more towards chemical solutions and such. The author defines European as: a mixture of Caucasian ethnic groups that are called French, Spanish, Scandinavian, English, Dutch, Italians, Mongolians, Goks, Barbarians, Franks, Russians, Portuguese. Prussians, Bravians, etc. The ethnic groups have common rituals and ceremonies and a common ethnic. This definition will suffice and I believe it to be accurate.

I encourage all people who care about this topic to purchase this book. Although Afrikan holistics are too vast a science to be covered in one book, this is a start and a great reference. Definitely check it out at your library or on Google books where it is cheapest. $13.

Honestly, this SIMPLE fact is true: EUROPEAN MEDICINE IS FOR PEOPLE OF EURO DESCENT, AFRIKAN MEDICINE IS FOR PEOPLE OF AFRIKAN DESCENT. Maybe some things can be interchanged, but I would trust wholistic care over radiation and chemicals any day.

For each disease that the doctor deals with, he suggests supplements, amino acids, herbs, foods, homeopathic care, and tissue salts to take. I will list only the herbs, which I am most prone to taking.

Here are some remedies that I found interesting:

ABSCESS burdock root, dandelion root, echinacea, yellow greens

ACNE burdock root, echinacea, english walnut, marigold, wild strawberry

ADRENAL STRESS AND DISEASE black cohosh, cleavers, ergot, garden violet, garlic, hawthorn, onion, parsley, wild black cherry

AIDS burdock, chaparral, dandelion root, gingko, ginseng, milk thistle, red clover, st. john’s wart, saw palmetto,

AGING alfalfa, bilberry, burdock, echinacea, fo-ti, ginseng, goldenseal, milk thistle, st. john’s wart

OTHER diseases the doctor addressed:


The list is great. All common issues.

The herbs that I am most familiar with and have used with great results are:

  1. burdock root
  2. dandelion root
  3. echinacea
  4. ginger
  5. ginseng
  6. garlic
  7. myrrh
  8. milk thistle!
  9. red raspberry
  10. aloe vera
  11. chamomile

Many of these seem to be used for a lot of the different health issues. Some of the most popular herbs (outside of those above):

  1. anise
  2. st. john’s wart
  3. alfalfa
  4. goldenseal
  5. gingko
  6. hawthorn
  7. chaparral
  8. devil’s claw
  9. feverfew
  10. ragwort
  11. rosemary
  12. cat’s claw
  13. red clover
  14. chickweed
  15. cayenne
  16. white oak bark
  17. fo-ti
  18. cloves
  19. thuja

Herbs I will be purchasing:

  1. bennet
  2. cloves
  3. feverfew
  4. goldenseal
  5. marigold
  6. lungwort
  7. catnip (I’ll be sure to take it when my cat’s aren’t around!)
  8. red clover
  9. grape seed oil
  10. uva ursi
  11. fo-ti
  12. saffron
  13. tansy
  14. black cohosh

The author ends section 1 with this fact:

The Caucasian junk foods are destroying African Americans. At the current rate of dying, African Americans could be near extinct in 100 years or less.

I will pray for strength from eating these foods. I can do it! Actually, I did it in 2006- no junk food, no microwaved food. Sadly, I started consuming these products again because I had adopted a fast- paced lifestyle and they were easily accessible. However, it’s time I gave them up for good. It’s really nothing. There are plenty of other things WE can eat to satisfy cravings, sweet tooth, etc.

Let me know what you think.

Peace & Love,

Queen Duafe for African Essence


This is some advertising I am doing for this great website 

The creator is a native of Memphis, TN who is now residing in Cleveland, OH. He is an “acting” community activist, aspiring philanthropist, professional librarian specializing in community advocacy, digital archiving, and library management and collection management, a fun-loving and entertaining dad, a professional drummer of over 20 years currently jamming with Umojah Nation Reggae Band and a djembe player with Passport Project. He plays drums, djembe, and percussion for The Griot Project and is a writer and scholar always growing and always mentoring and advocating for the youth as well as men.

The symbols you see are african adinkra. These symbols are wonderful and if you would like to learn more about them, click above. This is a great book you can order if you really want to learn:

Product Details

The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis

In the ad, I am bowing down to the warrior. I believe in submitting to great men. It does not mean you become weak, it means you become stronger, knowing what your natural role as a woman is. It’s a level of respect that I strongly follow. I want my man to be strong. In the words of the late great Amy Winehouse:

“You should be stronger than me.”

Tell me what you think.


Queen Duafe for African Essence

African Head Wrapping


I love the art of African head wrapping and I will take some pics of myself in the near future because I do it quite often. Today I brought these fabrics on sale at JoAnns Fabrics for the sole purpose of head wrapping:


Multi Color Fabric- Sort of a sweater material

Animal Print Fabric, Silky Feeling

What do you think?

This is the head wrap I will be trying this upcoming week. I like this video. Check it out.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and beyond…

I recently attended the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre presentation in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday, May 6 at the State Theater. It was awesome! A friend and I had discussed going two months previous to the day, but then I got the Sunday jitters and didn’t plan to go. He called me a few hours before the event and asked if I was going. I was chillin! But the thought of not going was making me super anxious. When he called, I was actually pretty happy. He insisted that I go. I immediately got online and purchased a ticket in the balcony for 40 bucks. I was ready and happy and feeling blessed that they even had tickets left! I got dressed, and arrived downtown at exactly 3:00 p.m. That was curtain time! I am always determined not to pay for parking, so I found a spot 2 blocks away, jumped out and ran down to the theater. It only took a minute to grab my ticket from will call and I sat down at 3:08 p.m. It was like they were holding the curtain for me! As soon as I sat my behind in my seat, the lights dimmed and the curtain went up! I just knew I was in for a treat. Timing is everything, so they say, right?

I’m no dancer, so I may not know the correct terminology, but the show opener was a 22 minute long dance that gave definition to modern and  African dance. It was so smooth. The crew had so much energy and love to give to the audience- my heart beat fast. I am so thankful that I didn’t miss this 1st dance because it definitely gave me chills.

I counted 18 dancers- male & female. Might have been more. They wore the clothes that a dancer practices in- loved it (costumes by Jon Taylor). I could see the movement of their limbs and I imagined myself in their positions. I imagined my body moving like theirs. Each dancer was like a mini ocean or a mini stream, flowing, rushing, bringing in tides and tearing down damns. The hip hop undertone of the dance was uplifting. This dance was called “Home,” choreographed by Rennie Harris. Wow Rennie! You are excellent (check out his website). Nina Flagg was the Assistant Choreographer for Home. Much love to Mr. Harris and Ms. Flagg as they produced an awe-inspiring opening dance.


Assistant Choreographer

I understand that Judith Jamison was a collaborative choreographer for this dance. I absolutely love the thought of Judith Jamison. I remember being at Fisk University (where I graduated from in 2006) and seeing a picture of her in a book. It was this one…

I had to have the picture! I took it out the book and tucked it in my bag and went back to my dorm. That wasn’t very honest, but I did it. I had never seen anything like it. I still have it.  By the way Judith attended Fisk for 3 semesters before transferring to a dance academy. She wouldn’t be proud that I took the picture out of the library!

The 2nd dance was performed by a single dancer- Michael Francis McBride. It was totally relevant in a way that was exhilarating. He wore dancer-tight red pants that allowed us to see his every jerk. The music was funky. You might find this track really awkward, but he totally did his thing and made it work. The music reminded me of 80s music- people took lots of risk. It was nice.

The 3rd dance, was comprised of 6 male dancers. It was called the Hunt and choreographed by Robert Battle.

Acclaimed Choreographer

The dancers wore long skirts that resembled a sort-of Japanese warrior attire. It started with an upbeat African track called Jungle Jazz. What a great name! Definitely check out that track. You can only imagine what a dancer would do to this! Jungle Jazz transitioned in another track performed by the same artist called Black Bull. Really great choice of music. It reminded me of a Saul Williams track I heard earlier this year at a Saul Williams concert @ the Grog Shop in Cleveland Hts, OH. Saul has this homemade drum that he rocks with. It’s very creative and it sounds good. Both the dance and the Saul are tribal mixed with funk. Adrenaline rushing!

Saul Williams-Poet Artist

The dance combos were extremely on beat. These men danced for about 12 minutes. They made use of the entire stage The lighting added dimensions to the act. It changed about 8 times during the hunt, each correlating with the movements of the dancers. Great job Burke Wilmore!

Lighting by Burke Wilmore.

What seemed to be the 2nd half of the show, opened on a more spiritual and religious tone. The negro spirituals took me back to my days of sitting in the chapel at Fisk, listening to the Jubilee Singers belt out songs that took a lot training to perform!

A female dancer in all white, Alicia Graf Mack, took the stage in all white performing the dance- Journey. How pleasant was she? Very.

This dance somehow transitioned into a formation reminiscent of a church choir. The dancers were dressed in earth tones of brown, which made them stand out and blend with the lighting. This sort-of contradicting effect was magnificent. It was a vintage look. I believe Nicola Cernovitch was responsible for these lighting effects.

Lighting by Nicola Cernovitch

There was a duet with a male and female dancer that was very strong. They got to show off some very difficult dance moves that the audience loved. A single male dancer in all white took the stage he did the same, performing dance moves that only 10,000 hours of practice would allow.

Form this, props were introduced on the set. The dancers made use of every corner of the stage. They climbed on tops of stools, spun umbrellas, created water by running long blue and white ribbons horizontally across the stage. They ended, dressed in yellow dresses and black suits.

One word can describe this experience- extraordinary. It was strange, teriffic, beyond belief- all traits of true art.

Mr. Ailey’s legend is an amazing experience. I loved to see so many young girls in the audience. It was a performance children could really benefit from seeing insomuch that it showed the professionalism behind art. I got some really great Alvin Ailey paraphenalia from the show and a bag with a picture of the 2012 company members.

These are the shirts I purchased:

2012 Yellow Season Tee AIL-YL-SEASON-TEE

Ailey 2011 Red Logo Tee AIL-RED-LOGO-TEE

And the complimentary bag I received with the purchases:

This performance made me want to go home and watch The Wiz!

By the way, my seat in the balcony was perfect. I sat in Row U, Seat 605. It put me in the center of my row so I could clearly see the stage. I felt like I was meant to be there at that exact time in that exact seat.


Queen Duafe for African Essence