Black Art and the Black Aesthetic


Race and socially conscious art… great for developing a conscious mind, a conscious woman with a meaningful life and style with meaningful relationships.

Banjo Lesson by Henry O. Tanner

The Thankful by Henry O. Tanner

Fetiche et Cleurs  (Fetish and Flowers) by Palmer C. Hayden

John Henry on the Right, Stem Drill on the Left and The Janitor Who Paints                      by Palmer C. Hayden

Old Snuff Dipper by Archibald Motley

The Barbeque by Archibald Motley

The Amistad Murals by Hale Woodruff

Afro Emblems by Hale Woodruff

Blackberry Woman by Richmond Barthe

African Dancer by Richmond Barthe

Negro Looks Ahead by Richmond Barthe

Mural: Exploration and Colonization by Charles Alston

Mural: Settlement and Development by Hale Woodruff

Black Unity by Elizabeth Catlett (front)

Black Unity by Elizabeth Catlett (back)

Egyptian Heritage by Lois Mailou Jones

Painter and Teacher by Lois Mailou Jones

Lois Mailou Jones, Painter and Teacher | Dialogue Magazine

Mere du Senegal by Lois Mailou Jones

Sharecropper by Elizabeth Catlett

Negro Es Bello (Black is Beautiful) by Elizabeth Catlett

Madonna by Elizabeth Catlett

Found this wonderful link with some great art:

I am Shila Iris, Duafe.


Adinkra Symbols


Adinkra symbols are of African origin and reflect a system of human values that are universal: family, integrity, tolerance, harmony, determination, & protection among many others...

Find a symbol that represents you.

I am Shila Iris and I come to you in the spirit of the African Adinkra symbol, duafe which represents beauty, cleanliness, & desirable feminine qualities. Embrace.