Word is Bond [4]


Give me the truth, I give it right back, in many creative forms.  It’s magic.  ♥

Modern day proverbs and thoughts by Shila Iris

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Word is Bond [3]


His message, her message…

I know there’s a lot to be angry about in this world, but let’s talk about how you feel and why.  When you shout I can’t hear you at all.

It is my mission to keep my cool.   I only raise my voice when I’m speaking passionately, but really, not even then.  I find that as I get deeper into my spiritual practices, the desire to shout has faded.  I just want peace of mind.

Modern day proverbs and thoughts by Shila Iris.
(inspired by my favorite Author Ayi Kwei Armah)

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P.S. But I will check you, with a calm tone!  Don’t come for me!  Lol.

Wu-Tang is on Tour!


Are you down?  

I’m super excited about seeing these brothers on the Gods of Rap tour.  They are not coming to my town, so I have to decide where to go.  My options are:

Chicago is always fun for me…
I haven’t been to Cleveland in a long time and I’d love to see my family…
Maybe Raleigh?  I’ve never been, but my sister lives in NC.
Nashville would be hot, I have a lot of history there…
I have yet to visit Seattle, and Cali is by far my favorite state in the U.S. so I am always down for a visit.  Where would you go?  The tour ends in August in Minneapolis with De La Soul and Public Enemy!  That will be exciting; and of course, there’s always New York where the show is likely to be the greatest because it’s Wu-Tang’s hometown.  Suggestions?


WHAT’S IN MY MUG – Today I am drinking GOLDEN MILK.  It is so delicious!  This is half almond milk, half coconut milk, turmeric, cinnamon, honey and a pinch of black pepper.  There are many different ways to make this, I’m sure you’ll find what you like.  I tend to use more coconut milk which I buy canned.  Due to its richness, this is a whole breakfast for me.  I don’t tend to eat solid foods in the morning- just water, smoothies, and this milk!  Since nature forced me to let coffee go, I have discovered many wonderful options that seem to be much healthier for me.  Try it.  Peace.

I am Shila Iris

Word is Bond [2]


… and because he knew this, he and I were together for a long time.  Who doesn’t desire freedom?  The freer, the closer.

Modern day proverbs and other thoughts by Shila Iris 

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I love Aries season!


My homeboy Bobby took this pic of me 10 years ago.  He even put the make-up on my face!  I am grateful.  Happy Birthday Bobby!  I love Aries season.  To all the Aries in my life- my Mama, my Baba, my nieces Kyla and Xoi, my best friend’s daughter Brandi, my cousin Andre, and my homeboy Frank Anthony aka Imhotep, and to any Aries unmentioned or from the past.  The moment I had with you all was beautiful, even if it didn’t last.  I decided not to look up any character traits associated with Aries.  I don’t really need to.  I can feel what they are.

This has truly been a season of transformation.  Spring forward!

Word is Bond


Modern day proverbs and other thoughts by Shila Iris

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We Come in Pairs


“Love is expressed by constant care and attention.”

He, the water
And I, a seed
He nourishes me
so plentifully

I am not independent
I am dependent upon
knowledge of self
Upon being in harmony
with a complementary twin force
I am not alone

male female
masculine feminine
spiritual physical
emotion reason
day night
left right
positive negative
above below
heaven earth
Sun Moon

I consume truth like food
for the soul, I
align with Mother Earth
the Universe, the Creator

We come in pairs, no opposites
complementing and completing
bringing solidarity to water

I disallow myself to interfere
With this love I have

Stay in flow
embracing all moments
with reverence and respect
for the apple in my first eye

I’m burning the program
changing the frequency
as the red pill turns blue

Art by Justin Copeland

he and I function so wonderfully
as his will-to-power and authority fade
the innate, he comprehends

“sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”
We are saving our own lives, in pairs

Baby, king, leader, father, friend, my man
I believe in you like I believe in me
Whatever it is, we will work through it
Our issues, our solutions, are One
I go hard in Love
delete, start over

I’m here for the death and the awakening
For this unicity
I got you,

Trusting my reflection
through his protection

I, the Earth
and he, the seed, 

plant him, in me…