The Last Day in February: The Tears that Formed Lake Victoria


… my heart stopped
for a minute it skipped beats
I held on to the side of the well
head lowered, looking down into darkness
tears flowed freely
I had given so much
my space
my support
my time
he asked for more
he asked for things that he, himself could not give
he required much,
but gave so little
how could I allow this?

unfriendly palpitations
took the breath of me
unkind words
took the rest
leaving me speechless
our conversations dwindled
I forgot who I was
and so did he |


i need to hear you praise me
I am Queen
i need you to reciprocate
I am esteemed
i need you to rise to my occasion
for I am the one who brought you light
i need you to ask me,
be a Pisces
if you think that you must have more
then please, dismiss me
i am worth every drop of blood
I am warrior royalty
so, if you’re not willing to fight

i think that you are beautiful,
to someone you belong
you are just not tuned to play my song

the spring is coming
making revolutions around far off sunsets
triggering early sunrise
you will find what you are looking for

she is the haram of your harem
could your sin be pretend?

photo from jackielaryea blog

Photo from the Jackie Laryea blog


from The Last Day in February: The Story of Kitara and the Tears that Formed Lake Victoria (unclassified poetry in motion by Shila Iris)

The Nile River Flows Through Me


He is the River Nile
The soil around him is fer tile
he is steady planting seeds
and watering them with my juices
his trees bear the fruit of me
on the branches I rest majestically
I call out to Pharaoh,
my divine King
when he’s in between
things are Exactly what they seem
His greatness creates streams,
that run through me
becoming rivers
flowing around my canals
and ravines
his Ebony mysteries,
prophetic history
prepares me for storms,
and extremes
When the floods come,
I am safe
surrounded by the aura of his grace
Protected by his Strength
I am goddess queen to this god
he studies the sun, the moon
and the stars
making calculated moves
he lives the truth and
bequeaths it to me
I live in his pyramid
Kushite to Meroë
temple to tomb
downriver to Timbuktu
across the Sahara
we stand in our own reflections
wanting less, needing nothing
but the presence of the person in the moment
Long Live the King in Me!

Queen OSiRis




Tuesday Night Interlude


I’m in a jazzy interlude type of mood, what about you?

→ Alicia Keys:  Feeling U, Feeling Me

By the way, this CD was excellent.

→ Jill Scott:  I Think It’s Better & He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)

Check out this special treat: LiAnn La Havas performs Jill Scott

→ Erykah Badu: Hey Suga 

Check out “Booty” performed in Chicago

→ Janelle Monae:  Suite III Overture and Neon Valley Street

I really dig her. Neon Valley Street is awesome.

→ and a prelude… Isley Brothers:  Harvest for the World

This is such a great prelude, I had to include it!

Drinking Pinot this week. Try this. ♥



OSiRis RiSinG

and a very sexy ending…



How Stevie Wonder Helped Create Martin Luther King Day




Stevie Wonder’s song, Happy Birthday, was one of the forces responsible for rallying support to make Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday a national holiday. This is a very important part of history that is sometimes overlooked. Art has often influenced political change. There were many people who fought alongside Martin, including artists, even after his death. I’d like to remember other social activists of that time, and some who came after. When I think of Martin, I think of many names including: EL HAJJ MALIK EL SHABBAZZ MALCOLM X CORETTA SCOTT KING MARTIN DELANEY LORRAINE V HANSBERRY NAT KING COLE CONSTANCE BAKER MOTLEY ROY WILKINS W.E.B. DUBOIS FRANTZ FANON JAMES FORMAN ELIJAH MUHAMMAD RICHARD WRIGHT RAY CHARLES JACKIE ROBINSON HARRY BELAFONTE ASA PHILIP RANDOLPH WHITNEY YOUNG JR JAMES B PARSONS OTIS M SMITH JAMES H MEREDITH KENNETH B CLARK FRED SHUTTLESWORTH MEDGAR W EVERS ROBERT C WEAVER LENA HORNE JAMES BALDWIN EDWARD J DWIGHT JR MUHAMMAD ALI BILL COSBY EDWARD KENNEDY DUKE ELLINGTON KWAME TURE STOKELY CARMICHAEL ARETHA FRANKLIN LANGSTON HUGHES JAMIL ABDULLAH AL AMIN H RAP BROWN THURGOOD MARSHALL GIL SCOTT HERON ELLA FITZGERALD ROBERT NESTA BOB MARLEY and finally, MARCUS GARVEY, who came before this time, but inspired every Black freedom fighter of the 20th Century. The story of this 3rd Monday in January, is very deep. So start digging! The answers can empower you. I am sure you have many other names to add to this list. Ase (Yoruba for, “it is so”)!

“If you are going to speak to the people, you gotta be the people.” -Chuck D

On December 12, 1963, two very important books were published:  Why We Can’t Wait, by Dr. King, and The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon, a Martinique-born psychiatrist. Both books made history. King’s book came about from his Letter from Birmingham Jail, written on April 16, 1963, and Fanon’s book was known as “the Bible of the oppressed.” These are books that every activists or American of African descent should read. They are enlightening and uplifting and help to pave the way. They are relevant to this day, this hour, and this moment.


Lastly, across the world, a lot of us attended MLK programs today. I really hope that we all took the time out to listen to the messages and reflect on our history. I’ve noticed that when I attend events, fewer people are concerned about internalizing the messages and taking notes so that we can create plans and blueprints. It seems that it is more about recording videos and taking pictures/selfies and posting them to social media networks, and less about actively participating in the MOMENT. Listening and engaging is becoming a lost art. I truly heart the idea of clandestine behavior as a method to organizing for change; and I support Gil Scott-Heron’s notion that the REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED. We should try engaging on a different level. That means that we can’t give it all away, by attempting to share every move that we make. Mystery is a lost art as well. We must focus on what’s in our faces. We cannot possibly be performing at our best, holding phones, trying to document ourselves at every event. That job is for videographers and photographers. Let us play our part, by actively listening. No one needs to know that you were there, you know, and that is most important. Let’s think deeply, study, and plan:

There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
Brothers on the instant replay
There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
Brothers on the instant replay

There will be no pictures of Whitney Young
Being run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process
There will be no slow motion or still life of Roy Wilkins
Strolling through Watts in a red, black and green
Liberation jumpsuit that he had been saving
For just the proper occasion  -Gil Scott-Heron

Peace and love,

OSiRis RiSinG

a beautifully Poetic Sunday


For a long time, I did not desire him
so I buried myself in things
that would keep me away:

“got a good book and got all in it,
tried a little yoga for a minute, but it won’t let go…”
click here

He fought for his right to see me
and I ignored his attempts,
unsure of the necessity to have him in my life:

“I just can’t decide
If it’s you I want
Don’t want to choose between
Having you in my life or losing you for real
’cause I caught feelings…”
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As much as I could remember the beauty of him, something still pushed me into another zone. The thought of him being a reflection of my good, and my bad, made me want to be free. I wanted to face another reality:

“We were too much the same, and I didn’t know, who to blame, cause I didn’t want to change; and you weren’t going to change…”
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I was much more into my own feelings, tired of compromising, tired of insecurities, just so tired of second-guessing, and needing approval. I wanted to float. I chose to live amongst the clouds. It was time to face myself and see the good parts of me. Not the parts of me buried in monotony. I needed an atmosphere that would allow me to grow:

“Here I am, on a cloud
If you want me take the chance try love out loud
As I drift, through the sky
Shooting cupid’s loving arrow you just might try
So don’t miss me, take your time
You’ve only got one chance, yes…”
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So, after listening to my heart, I put myself out there. My search had begun. My spirit no longer wanted to live behind a smokescreen. I wanted to live visibly, and openly. I stumbled, off the block. This newness, this world that I was beginning to see, wasn’t familiar. So, I was afraid, at first, but one day, as I mingled, I saw a butterfly, and the beauty of it was astounding, so I chased it:

“See a butterfly
Up in the sky
I got a story to say
And I’ll tell you why
I’m searchin’
You see my friend
And I need someone
Who feels and needs
The same as I
I’m searchin’ …”
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♥  ___________________________ ♥
I am out here, in this world, alone most of the time, but not lonely. I needed to know what it felt like to just be me. So thank you Universe for revealing me to me. That friend that I needed, was simply Shila. Everything outside of me, is just a gift, but never again will I exchange my happiness for anything. I am powerful in this way.
♥  ___________________________ ♥
Let’s listen to each other more. We could avoid so much, if we weren’t afraid of what the other might say. Damn. Can we just talk? We have to be brave, because at the end of the day, our hurt feelings are just not the bigger picture.



Peace and love,

Shila Iris

P.S.  I want to shout out GOAPELE. She is a wonderful artist. I have enjoyed pretty much all of her recorded music. I want to make sure you hear this song. It is a reflection of me, and I am sure some of you can relate to every single lyric, just as I. It is amazing how someone else’s art can capture my heart so perfectly.

I find myself writing to this tune. Evolution requires that we face whatever made us hit rock bottom. These “rock bottom recoveries” are what make us and break us. So, this little tune cracked me right open! I had always been somewhat of a poet, writing since I was about 7 years old. Journals and journals full of words and thoughts in metaphors and similes! However, for the past few years, I couldn’t write. I couldn’t figure out why. Had I lost my ability to be poetic? I was stuck in this funk, in a place where I couldn’t arrange my thoughts. I was depressed and frustrated for a very long time. Nonetheless, that is over, and I write all the time! I just needed more life experiences. Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zones to really and truly find ourselves. I am searching. Aren’t we all? If you see me, let’s just have a good time. It’s really about being grown and mature and knowing how to express your love. Not just saying it, but living it. I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE.

Let’s travel, don’t be afraid. Won’t you be free with me? My final destination, the motherland. That is inside of me.

Roy and I