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I am full of love and aggression... as I delve into the study of the tantric arts, I am pleased.

I see God in you, Queen


You were made in the image of me, so I see God in you, Queen. You are beautiful, and I’m stuck like a deer in headlights. What does your soul taste like?

Treat yourself as the person you want to be, and you will become that. I want to be free. Pictures courtesy of Bella Kinks.

Music and a book.


Dear God make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away

Call your phone on a late night
I recall your soul and it taste like
Gardens, flowers, Warm Winds
Quit clipping on your feet
Quit clipping on your wings
Sometimes we hate to leave somebody
Whats happening to we?
Warm winds on a space ride
Sometimes, I call your name out loud
Just to make sure it’s you
Sometimes, I crack my veins so bad
Just to see if it’s blue
You clean me up

Sometimes I bite my lips and close my eyes                                                                     Just to pretend it’s you

Long live, lonely thoughts on Thursday nights

That’s when I think of you

We were all thirteen once
Long live tramp stamps and Pepper Ann
You will never judge me for that
You will always love me for that
Posing Beauty: African American Images from the 1890s to the Present

Thank you for being here with me. Chase your soul through the gardens, flowers, and warm winds. “Sometimes I bite my lips and close my eyes, thinking of you.”  Remember good things. Let’s not hide from the truth. Say what you want. Do what you please. And when it is necessary, leave. It’s all good. -Shila Iris

Style Ideas for Queens – Transitioning from 80 Degree to 60 Degree Weather


It is September 11 in Cleveland, Ohio. That means it could snow any minute! Joking, but it was one of those days that reminded us that Autumn is a few weeks away. Yesterday, the weather was in the 80s. Last night there was a very soothing storm, and when we woke up, it was 63 degrees! It is cool… cool as in cold! I wasn’t quite ready to give up my sandals, so I wore some today. However, that may not be the case tomorrow! I am thinking, boots or sneakers for sure.

The sandals are one of my favorite pairs by Lucky Brand. They were about $25 at TJMaxx.

With style, you must possess the knowledge, right? Reading anything lately? I had a dream last night about my future, and when I woke up, I asked for a sign. A sign that I was doing the right thing in life. That detaching from people who hurt me was the thing to do. Then today, a friend of mine called and suggested that I read this book, so I rushed to the library and got it. It is just what I needed. It is an amazing story. I can’t put it down. I introduce to you:  Wounded in the House of a Friend by Sonia Sanchez…


It starts like this…

the unspoken word is born, i see it in our eyes dancing.

She hadn’t found anything. i had been careful. No lipstick, No matches from a well-known bar. No letters. Cards. Confessing an undying love. Nothing tangible for her to hold onto. But i knew she knew. It had been on her face, in her eyes for the last nine days. It was the way she looked at me sideways from across the restaurant table as she picked at her brown rice sushi. It was the way she paused in profile while inspecting my wolfdreams. It was the way her mouth took a detour from talk. And then as we exited the restaurant she said it casually: i know there is another woman. You must tell me about her when we get home.

Yeah. There was another woman. In fact there were three women. In Florida, California, and North Carolina. Places to replace her cool detachment of these last years. No sex for months. Always tired or sick or off to some conference designed to save the world from racism or extinction. If i had jerked off one more time in bed while lying next to her it woulda dropped off. Still i wondered how she knew.

… I love Sonia Sanchez’s writing and I am glad that I got to see her in November of last year. She was cool as can be. She had style, she had grace. I made eye contact with her, and she smiled at me. Just for a moment. I spoke to her. She spoke to me. I walked away.


P.S. One more thing, a song for you…

This my baby. I want to be great as you. Analog girl in a digital world.

Meditating in the Music – Falling in Love with SZA


Music is so much a part of my life.  The messages resonate deep in my soul… and when I am searching, it helps.  So, a few weeks ago, I was introduced to SZA. Then I got to see her perform and she blew my mind!  She told me to: “go to church if you scared…”

and I said…





My playlist consists of 2 songs today.

1. Every word in this song instigates something inside of me. I can feel it, twisting and turning in my gut.

2. This right here, you gotta get ready for it! … SZA is so live!

This is SZA. She is so beautiful, inside and out.

Have you ever felt like you were in a noisy place, yet somehow your mind maintained it’s silence? SILENCE IN A NOISY PLACE? Thank you for your time. god’s bless me. Peace.

Shila Iris aka Queen

Dress Like a Queen

Hope you like! Peace and Love.

Shila Iris aka Queen

What I’m reading…

africa is style


Wardrobe Ideas for Queens


I am Shila Iris, who are you?

Smile. Check out my other posts.

Peace and love.

My Experience at AfroPunk was so Amazing!


Me at AfroPunk- Picture Courtesy of Aagdolla Photographer

Me at AfroPunk

This year, the AfroPunk Festival in Brooklyn, New York was amazing! I had been wanting to go for 2 years, but once again I almost flaked out and stayed home. However, some wonderful ladies pushed me to go. I got my small amount of disposable income together and went for it! I am so glad that I did. I would estimate that over the course of 2 days, August 23 and 24, at least 50,000 people got to experience the funk of AfroPunk!

The 10 Major Cool Things About AfroPunk…

1. The beautiful Afrikans! -Gazing into the crowd, we looked so good ya’ll! Go Brown people! Everyone was fly! The Diaspora was well represented.

2. The Music- Oh my! LiAnn La Havas, D’Angelo, SZA, Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Shabazz Palaces, and The Internet were among my favorite.

3. The Vendors- Handmade goods galore! We are so talented! These were the best vendors that I have seen at a festival, ever!

4. The Free Things- they were giving away some very valuable merchandise. No contest, just walk up. Lovely.

5. The Good Vibrations and Energy of the Crowd- Everyone was so welcoming and full of love! “I got the vibrations to change the nation, lick shots in the air, crowd participation!”

6. The Photographers- AfroPunk is well documented.

7. The Artists- There were so many expressionists and bold people who were just rocking eccentric styles! I appreciated the confidence. Keep ya head up!

8. The Bonding Experience of Going with People- Although the ladies I went with only recently joined my Universe, they were great to experience AfroPunk with. We were on the same frequency.

9. What AfroPunk represents and the AfroPunk Official Merchandise. Everything sold out. This festival represents so much positivity. Image of No Hate (Black)

10. The Appreciation- The people who organize AfroPunk are so appreciative of the participants. They walked around and mingled. So wonderful. They send out nice emails to thank you for attending:

There are few words that can express the amount of gratitude that we have for the AFROPUNK community.  People who consciously make an effort to join us year after year at the festival and online, supporters from around the block and around the world that come together for two days to celebrate culture and freedom with us. For that and more, thank you! See you next year!

Shila Iris for AfrikanEssence… I like saying AfroPunk… smile. Lol.

The Season of the Virgo… I’ll be gone by “September” by Marian Mereba


VERSE:  Thought we, were a lie, that was fine in the dark… But you, are a storm, to my flame, to my spark

BRIDGE:  Used to turn me on, so on, cause your love was a drug that was stuck in my vein… Now you turn me off, so off, cause I’m sober and over the high

CHORUS:  On my life, I’ll be gone by September, and you’re going to remember… You must’ve forgot I’mma a Queen, you’ll be gone by December… On my momma, I’ll be gone by September… And you’re going to remember… the loyal, the royal, Queen… the loyal, the royal, Queen, the loyal…

VERSE: I was as true, as a forest is green… You, are a fool, for what, you did not see

BRIDGE:  You used to turn me on, so on, cause your love was a drug that was stuck in my vein… Now you turn me off, so off, cause I’m sober and over the high”

CHORUS:  On my life, I’ll be gone by September, and you’re going to remember… You must’ve forgot I’mma a Queen, you’ll be gone by December… On my momma, I’ll be gone by September… And you’re going to remember… the loyal, the royal, Queen… the loyal, the royal, Queen, the loyal…

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… you could’ve had it all… all… all… all, yeah, yeah…

Love this song… especially at… 2:46…


Shila Iris for AfrikanEssence; August 28, 2014, 10:08 p.m.